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Last updated 04/17/2014

Digital Photography Information, News & Rumors

Canon Rumors - canonrumors.com


DIReporter.com - Digital Photography News


GoPro - Strap a camera to anything and capture an adventure!

Imaging Resource

Nikon Rumors - nikonrumors.com

Olympus and Panasonic Rumors - 43rumors.com

Photo Rumors - photorumors.com

Phottix Journal - Industry News & Rumors, Featured Photographers, Phottix Gear Information

DSLR Oriented Digital Photography Information Sites

Bjorn Rorslett - naturfotograf.com

bythom.com - Thom Hogan's Site

DLC Photography - Canon Pro DSLR Nature & Landscape Photography

ExifTool by Phil Harvey - Free command-line or drag & drop application for reading image meta information, including DSLR camera shooting data & actual total shutter actuation count

Fred Miranda.com


Luminous Landscape - Michael Reichmann

Nature Photographers Online Magazine

Nikondigital.org - David Cardinal & Moose Peterson

Nikonians.org - Nikon DSLR Information, Forums, Galleries, Articles

Nikon Index - Quality articles about Nikon cameras, speedlights, and compatible lenses

NPPA.org - The National Press Photographers Association

PlanetNeil.com - Pro DSLR Photography emphasizing lighting, staging, and technique

Ron Reznick - Digital Images.net - Nikon Pro DSLR

Sports Shooter Online Magazine

Visual Vacations - Canon Pro DSLR

Vivid Light Photography

Lens Information, Testing, & Review Sites

Canon Lens Reviews - The-Digital-Picture.com

Canon Lens Reviews - Fred Miranda

Canon EF Lens Reviews - EFLens.com

ePHOTOzine.com - Reviews of Lenses and Optical Items

Luminous-Landscape - "But How Sharp Is it Really!?"

Nikon Lens Tests - KenRockwall.com

Nikon Lens Reviews - Thom Hogan

Nikon Lens Surveys & Evaluations - Bjørn Rørslett

Nikonians.org - Nikon SLR Camera and Lens Compatibility

Norman Koren - Lens Testing

Oleg Kiken - Lens Tests: Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Tamron,Tokina, Leica, Minolta, Olympus, Zeiss, Pentax, Other ...

Olympus Lens Tests - KenRockwall.com

Photodo.com - specifications, guides, discussion and reviews

Phototestcenter.com - Lens Tests

PhotoZone - Lens Tests

SLRGear.com - Lens Reviews

LCD Monitor Information & Review Sites

CNET - LCD Monitor Reviews

Digitalversus.com - Product Faceoffs: LCD Screens

Flatpanels.dk - Search for LCD panel information by make, model, etc.

Lagom LCD monitor test pages - Test & adjust your LCD monitor online

LCD Monitor Reviews - PRAD Inside Display Technologies

LCD Panel Technology Explained - PCHardwareHelp.com

LCD Tech - Monitor info sorted by screen size, native resolution, manufacturer, panel type, luminance, viewing angles & more

"Native Resolution" defined: Wikipedia

TFT Central - Main Page

TFT Central - Search for panel type (TN, MVA, PVA, IPS) by model

TFT (Thin Film Transistor) Displays - Wikipedia

TN, MVA, PVA and IPS - Which one's for you? - PureOverclock.com

Tom's Hardware Guide - Monitor Articles & Reviews

Digital Photography Forums

Discussions @ Nikonians.org - Nikon Forums

DPChallenge.com Forums

DPReview Forums

Fred Miranda.com Forums

The Luminous Landscape Photographer's Forum

NWP - The Nature, Wildlife, and Pet Photography Forum

Nikon Cafe - Forums

NikonWeb.com Forum - Discuss Old Nikon & Kodak DSLRs

Photography on the Net - Canon Digital Camera Forums

Photo.net Digital Forums

Steve's Digicams Forums

Digital Camera & Printer Support Sites

Epson Printer / Camera / Scanner Support Center

Kodak Consumer Products Technical Support Center

Kodak Drivers, Software, and Firmware Download Center

Kodak Dye-Sub Printer User Group (Forum)

Kodak Professional Products Technical Support Center

Nikon Europe (English Language) Technical Support Center

Nikon USA Digital Technical Support Center

Olympus America Digital Support Center

Digital Photography Information Sites & Online Magazines

BytePhoto.com - Digital Photography Resource Center


Infrared Photography Buzz - Comprehensive info on IR Photography

New York Institute of Photography


Philip Greenspun's photo.net


Popular Photography (Popphoto.com)

Shutterbug.com Digital Photography Magazine

"How To" Sites

Cambridge in Color's Digital Photography & Photoshop Tutorials


Kodak's Tips & Projects Center

Shortcourses.com - Dennis Curtin's Digital Camera Guide

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